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by Walter Myers

What is design thinking

In order to change the way companies create strategy, services and products, the one should think like a designer. So-called design thinking is able to create things truly economically viable, technologically feasible and desirable for the customers. Also, it provides the ability for people who are not designers to meet challenges where creative tools are necessary.

by Walter Myers

The ultimate technique to pitch anything

Pitching is one of the most important things we do in life. Many of the conversations we have are in fact, simple little pitches to others to get an agreement on something so we can move forward together. So it makes sense that we do it well. A pitch was the first thing you did when you were born. And you probably pitched someone in your family as recently as today.

by Walter Myers

The secret benefit of reading books instead of articles

While I love reading on the web (and writing on it) as much as anyone, I know I always get more out of a book than I do from articles. The length of time it takes to read a book means we have to digest the concept over a longer period. This then affords our own imagination the time needed to converge their ideas with our own experience. It`s when these two things collide that we build a better brain.

by Walter Myers

Your startup needs to get punched in the face

Your plan is a fantasy, the ring is the market. Once you enter the market you will get punched in the face. Even though it hurts, this punch is your friend. It serves reality and you`ll have iterate, fast. Now the truth is here it is time to dance around the ring, gather some strength, dodge the next punch, find some space, and throw a couple of jabs. You might even make a few connections.